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Paradise Ponds | The Pond Repair & Installation Experts

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Paradise Ponds | The Pond Repair & Installation Experts

We believe that our customers are more than just a sale - they are family. By allowing us to come give you an estimate to install your backyard pond, you are gaining a valuable learning experience. By the time our pond expert leaves your home, you will have a solid understanding and knowledge of every aspect of the project and will know exactly what to look and ask for should you decide to get another estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much maintenance is required for my pond?

When a pond is properly built, three minutes per week, more than that then you’re doing something wrong! Under normal conditions you should empty your skimmer net approximately once per week of any leaves or debris, (less in the summer and more frequent in the fall). Once every 2 weeks, hose off the skimmer filter pad and add your Aqua 1 bacteria. That's it, you’re done! We do recommend that you give your pond a good cleaning once a year. We offer this service in the spring.

We have a lot of cats and racoons in our neighborhood. Can we have a pond?

A definite, YES. We recommend a Scarecrow, it's a battery operated motion detector that gets hooked up to a garden hose, and placed pond side, when an animal (or nosey neighbor) gets too close to your pond they get a three second burst of water which can be quite surprising when you least expect it. It cost about $90 and is worth every penny. If you have problems with raccoons visiting your pond, there is a product named Critter Ridder which is very effective at keeping small animals from returning to your pond. We have had a lot of positive feedback from customers who have tried this product.

What shape will my pond be?

You design your own pond, with our assistance to help guide you, to whatever shape you like, we use a rubber liner that will conform to your imagination. There are never any two ponds alike, you will not see your pond at someone else’s yard.

How deep must it be?

Our normal depth is stepped down (child safe) to only 24” (8”, 16” 24” shelves or levels), which is fine for fish to winter over in. We have gone deeper (not necessary) and we have gone shallower to a depth of 18”.

What happens to my plants in the winter?

The marginal plants (top shelf plants) are all hardy's and should be cut back in the winter. In the spring they will return. Water Hyacinths (tropocals) should be removed and replaced next year. Your plants are planted in the gravel NOT in pots, so they will spread out and fill your pond with beauty just like in their natural environment.

I have large trees over my pond, how do I keep the leaves out?

For those of you with heavy leaf fall, we recommend netting your pond for the eight weeks, or so, just while leaves are falling. We can set up a net with a space frame for you. It works great and makes your pond worry-free in the fall.

How long does the liner last?

The heavy duty, 45 Mil. thick industry standard liners are warranted for 20 years from the manufacturer.
*Be careful of cheap, low quality lines, this is definitely not the place to cut costs!*

How much will it cost me to run my pond per month in electric?

You have a living pond and should keep your pond running 24 hours a day during the pond season March-December. It will cost approximately $30 per month to run a 2100 gph (gallons per hour) pump and $39 per month to run a 4800 gph pump.

What do I do with my fish in the winter?

Your fish stay in the pond all year, all that is required is to keep a hole open in the ice to allow gases to escape. They go into a dormant state, they don't eat, move very slow and line up like little submarines.

How do I keep a hole in the ice?

You can keep your pond running, which will keep a hole open, and also aerate your pond, not to mention create beautiful ice forms on your waterfall. Or you can shut your pond down and use a pond heater and/or aerator to create bubbles keeping a hole open in the ice.

What about mosquitoes?

A pond with moving water will not breed mosquitoes, by adding fish to your pond (which all ponds should have fish, as they play an important role in your ecosystem) you will actually help decrease the mosquito population, by eating any mosquito larva (eggs) that have landed in the pond. The only thing left to do now, is to enjoy the sights and sounds of your living pond.

How long does it take to build my pond?

Of course size dictates time (amount of time spent digging, materials and rocks), but typically most ponds in the 6’ x 8’ through 11’ x 16’ take only 1-2 days to build with very little disruption to any of the other yard areas. These ponds are dug by hand.

What kind of rock is used?

Typically we use moss rock and 3/4” natural gravel.

What plants are used in the ponds?

We use a selected variety of plants that have great color, aren’t invasive, don’t grow too tall with various flowering times throughout the season.