3 Top Things You Should Know About Your Pond

3 Top Things You Should Know About Your Pond

Owning a pond should be an enjoyable and pleasant experience, and with the right knowledge, it can be the perfect home investment. Often homeowners are going into a pond purchase with no idea of what they want or how to handle the aftercare. So if you are currently looking to add a pond to your home’s decor, here are the three top things you’ll want to know:

Go In With A Plan

When you first begin building your pond, you want to know your short and long-term goals. By knowing what you plan to add to your pond in the future, you can prepare to have enough space, and the right equipment to do just that. For instance, if you want to add a specific water feature or a variety of fish down the road, knowing that before you begin can help you choose the right size and equipment to install.

Choose The Details

From the edging to the bricks leading up to your pond, you have a variety of details you can add to give your pond the pop it needs. From pond plants to waterfalls, there are a variety of decorative touches you can add to make your pond look like the natural oasis you’ve always wanted.

Learn About The Care

A pond if taking care of, shouldn’t require a lot of time. One of the biggest misconceptions is that ponds are time-consuming.  A properly built pond with a little effort should only take you about a three (3) minutes per week, that’s it! Larger ponds are just as easy to care for, but you will still need to clean your skimmer filter once a week. When winter hits, you’ll want to have your pond winterized and don’t forget to stop feeding your fish, as they are now in hibernation mode, and feeding or overfeeding can be detrimental to their health.

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