3 Ways to Keep Your Pond Predator Free

3 Ways to Keep Your Pond Predator Free

Your pond and fish are a valuable investment and one that you should be treated with care. So if you are having a constant predator issue, and your fish are being harmed, it’s time to take action. Below are three ways you can ensure your pond stays safe and sound.

1. Fencing?

Well, not really a fence which looks like the total opposite of what we are trying to create, but for the Heron, we suggest two pieces of 25lb test monofilament fishing line in front of your pond.  This is pretty much unseen at a short distance and works rather well.

2. Scare Them

One way to keep critters away from your pond is by scaring them! If you know the animal, you can look into repellents, if not you can either add a decoy or an alarm system. Some alarms are just motioned censored and will give a three-second blast of water, between the sudden noise and the hit of water it works very well for the Heron. For other critters, some of the aftermarket products, that use a preditors urine to say stay away, I’m here, and you may get eaten!

3. Create Safety For Your Fish

If you are in the area where raccoons and other outdoor predators are highly familiar, you can modify your pond to stop them year round and keep your fish safe. You can add specific spots to your pond where your fish can hide. Floating plants are not only great for your ponds aesthetic, but it can also protect them from any unwanted predators. You can even remodel and add additional structures to the bottom of your pond where fish can quickly run to hide when needed.


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