5 of The Most Popular Pond Plants

5 of The Most Popular Pond Plants

When it comes to your pond and the decor, plants are essential. The right plants can protect your fish, brighten your pond and dress up the area. When it comes to choosing plants, the options are endless, so where does one start? We have 5 of the most popular pond plants that make a great addition to any pond:

Water Hyacinths

Water Hyacinths is a typical floating pond plant that has their roots dangle below, their roots or beard as typically referred to are very beneficial to your pond.  The roots absorb nutrients from the water and play a key role in the reduction of algae or green water.  These plants produce a purple flower that appears occasionally throughout the summer and are considered a tropical plant that will die late fall and have to be replaced next spring.

Yellow Marsh Marigold Plant

First in spring, This plant with its small rounded-shaped leaves,  produces beautiful yellow cup-shaped flowers come to the end of winter to let you know spring is here. The Yellow Marsh Marigold plant is an easy marginal plant to grow. In a shady area it will flower occasionally throughout the summer, in a sunny pond it will die off or go dormant and come back next spring.

Black Gamecock Louisiana Iris

This marginal plant loves full sun and typically blooms in June, the Black Gamecock Louisiana iris is a diverse plant that can grow up to 30 inches in height. The leaves are a medium shade green and produce a beautiful flower with deep purple petals and vein of bright yellow. The vibrant flowers can add a variety of colors to your pond and can make for a great cut flower arrangement.

Water Lilies

A beautiful and popular choice, water lilies are a perfect choice for your pond landscape. With a vast variety of colors, their leaves typically float across the surface, which gives your fish some well-needed shade in the heat of summer.  There are a vast variety of lilies to choose from, tropicals, Hardy’s, night bloomers, day bloomers, not to mention the different color variations.  

Arrowhead Flower

Makes a great addition to the shallow edge of your pond. The arrow-shaped leaves with its small white buttercup-like flowers that will flower two or three times throughout the summer. These are just a few of our plant favorites.

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