6 Essential Elements of Any Backyard Pond

6 Essential Elements of Any Backyard Pond

Although the professionally-installed water gardens from Paradise Ponds only require three minutes of maintenance per week, they don’t run themselves. Each of our water features are equipped with these six components, all of which are necessary to ensure the health and longevity of your pond…  


The liner is one of the most important parts of the pond, responsible for water retention. If there is even a small rip or tear in the liner, your pond could lose a significant amount of water in a very short time. Be careful of cheap, low quality liners – this is not the place to cut costs!


The main purpose of the pump is to aerate the water and keep it constantly circulating through your pond. This prevents the buildup of contaminants and makes the water healthier for your plants and fish. Pumps are completely submersible and can be placed in the skimmer filters.


The filter works in tandem with the pump to remove toxins and pollutants from the water. Biological filters use beneficial bacteria to clean the water. This bacteria naturally grows on the filter pads and breaks down debris in the pond.


While filters remove organic materials found within the water, the skimmer removes debris which collects on the surface. If left to accumulate, this dust and dirt can become a breeding ground for harmful pathogens. Skimmers are an inconspicuous and effective way to prevent this problem.


Plants don’t just make a pond more aesthetically appealing, they are essential for maintaining a healthy, balanced ecosystem. Plants can naturally filter water, limit algae growth, regulate temperature and oxygen levels, and provide shelter for your fish.


No pond is truly complete without friendly inhabitants. One of the most popular types of pond fish is the koi. Koi fish can reach up to three feet in length, live for up to 50 years, and can be trained to eat from your hand.

Paradise Ponds by Ed Dedicke offers professional pond design, installation, repair, and maintenance services to Nassau County, Long Island. If you live in Bethpage, Hicksville, Babylon, Westbury, or the surrounding area, give us a call at (516) 334-1122.

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