Are Cats A Danger to My Pond Fish?

Are Cats A Danger to My Pond Fish?

Whether it’s your cat or a neighbor’s pet, those furry outdoor felines can be some of the most top-notch hunters. From birds to rodents, your cat might hunt and bring back different gifts for you, but what does that mean for your fish? Though outdoor cats might be intrigued by your fish and pond, they might not always be your biggest threat. If you are looking to keep your pond safe as can be, here’s what you need to know:

Know Your Neighborhood

Though cats might be tempted to play in the water and go towards your fish — you want to know your neighborhood. If there are fish missing or other signs of damage, you might have other predator problems that you’ll want to rule out before assuming it’s just cats.

Consider Other Animals

Raccoons, birds and more could also be attracted to your ponds — so you want to be sure you don’t have anything drawing them to it. If you have noticed other yard critters — or fish that have gone missing — you can rule out the local cats. Though they might be heading towards your fish friends, they are least likely to be the ones going after them.

Make it Less Tempting

To rule out that your fish stay safe and your pond predator-free — you’ll want to evaluate the pond setup you currently have. Make sure there are no bird feeders nearby. For the heron, I suggest running a 25 lb test fishing line one 12” above the ground and another 30” above ground level in front of your pond to stop the Heron before the get into your pond.  These two lines will aggravate him and send him away.  For the raccoons, get 4 old film canisters and add a cotton swab. Next, add coyote urine and punch holes in the top, flip upside down and place around your pond. That should take care of all your predators, without any harm to ANY animals.

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