Best Time to Build a Pond and Common DIY Mistakes

Best Time to Build a Pond and Common DIY Mistakes

Ponds are one of the most attractive types of decorations that people take up as a backyard DIY project. While these projects do require a substantial amount of work and resources, it is not so complicated that people would not be able to manage to do it on their own. Nevertheless, many things could go wrong, and a professional should be considered instead.

Wrong Time of Year

Many might find themselves starting a DIY pond project in the spring when the ground is less frozen. Though this isn’t the worst time, if you have a rainy spring — your whole construction process can be delayed and leave you with a big mess of a yard. A professional team can explain the best time for the area (in most, it’s fall) and get the job done promptly. 

The Tech

Seeing all the beautiful results for ponds online has the imagination racing. While aesthetic choices and combining various designs can efficiently work well together, combining multiple parts of different pond recipes can create a dysfunctional mess. It might all look well and connected, but once the system is on, things might not turn out too right. Some of the problems that can arise are predominantly fundamental such as poor circulation, excessive algae growth, not enough oxygen high ammonia, and no water clarity. That can severely impact any fish you put in the pond. 

The Research

There is a lot that goes into building a functioning pond. The size of the pond determines the specifications of the technology you need. There is so much information on the internet that people usually jump into it head-on. Soon enough, however, the overwhelm sets in, and they dial down the research and move on to action. That is a lousy way to go about such a project and will lead to a failed experiment.

The Size

Many of the DIY pond builders want to create something lovely in their backyard but are also a bit too timid. Companies for pond building advise going with an eight by 11 size pond at least. When you start putting things together, the size will not feel too big at all. You should have enough space, to begin with, 3 to 4 koi fish. DIY pond builders need to account for the growth of their fish, them spawning with many babies, and adding more decorations and critters. Go big from the start to save yourself a migraine later.

Pond Services in Long Island 

Ponds by Ed Dedicke can assist you in getting you a pond up and running. Installed and crafted expertly by our team, we can install ponds with waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, and pool waterfalls. We can also assist with maintaining its integrity over the years. We aim to make the creations look as if nature made them. Contact us today about any future projects.

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