Easy Pond Cleaning Tips

Easy Pond Cleaning Tips

Your pond should take 3 minutes of maintenance per week! That’s right for 3 minutes.

Here are four ways to keep your pond clean, sparkly, and safe for your fish:

Start Clean, Stay Clean

When it comes to keeping your pond clean, the best way is to start by giving your pond a good cleaning. If you start your pond season clean then it will be a breeze to keeping it looking good for the rest of your summer.

Keep Your Skimmer Net Clean

With our ponds we ask our customers to do regular once a week maintenance (3 minutes), lift the faux rock skimmer lid and slid out the net, flip inside out, knocking out the debris and replace.  Every other week we ask to also clean the filter pad in the skimmer, and add Liquid bacteria. You’re Done!

Add Plants

By adding aquatic plants, you’ll be able to help stop the growth of algae. Plants and algae will compete for nutrients, plants will be dominant and the algae will disappear  Not only will plants make a beautiful display around your pond, but they will help keep your fish healthy by keeping algae under control in your koi pond. Plants give oxygen to fish, fish fertilize plants, ecosystem.

Don’t Feed Fish

With your new ecosystem pond, you DO NOT have to feed your fish. Your fish will help to keep your pond clean by eating the algae off the rocks in your pond. The excess food that is not eaten will begin to break down and add to your algae problem, so less is better.  Besides, the more that goes in, the more comes out and if your pond is overcrowded this could become a big problem almost overnight with an excess ammonia spike and mass die off.

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