Getting Your Pond Ready For House Guests

Getting Your Pond Ready For House Guests

The winter months can bring a lot of celebration in many households on the island. But as you begin to clean up around the home, don’t forget to keep your pond in mind, too! Here’s how to ensure your pond is ready for house guests:

Plant Care

If you haven’t done so already, determine the different types of plants in your pond. There might be plants, flowers, algae, leaves, floating plants, and tropical lilies. You will need to remove the tropical lilies from your pond, so they don’t freeze. 

Put the tropical lilies in a warm basement. It would help if you packed them in newspaper; keep them moist, but not too wet. 

Hardier Plants

You can move the hardy plants to the deepest water (which is considered to be about 18 inches). But, if the pond freezes completely, then remove these plants too. Don’t remove floating plants; they will regrow in the spring. 

Do Some Clean-Up

Next, remove all of the dead vegetation from the bottom of the pond. Rotting material could contaminate the water, making it toxic to any fish. Finally, clean and remove the pond filter for storage during the winter months. 

Ensure It’s Well Lit

Finally, make sure your pond is well lit and easy to see. Add some decorative lights if you choose for a festive feel, too.

If you need help winterizing your pond, then contact Paradise Ponds. We can clean your pond, remove debris, and take care of your plants. Enjoy a beautiful pond in spring by cleaning it out before winter arrives.

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