How to Add Lighting To Your Pond

How to Add Lighting To Your Pond

Your pond was an investment that increases your backyards value, so why not highlight it day and night? With proper planning, you can sit back and enjoy your pond not only during the day, but also in the evening. When it comes time to add lighting to your pond and the surrounding areas, here’s what you’ll want to consider.

Think Safety

The most convenient thing about pond lights is that it’s also an added safety feature. A well-lit pond ensures can help prevent trips and falls for those of you who have brought your pond where it belongs, right along your patio, where you and your guests will be able to enjoy through the evening.

Try to Accent Your Features

The right lighting can really make your water sparkle and your pond shine. By adding lights under a waterfall or around the stones, you can bring out the unique beauty of your pond night after night. Whether you use a standard warm white light or add different color lights, a little light can help highlight the several critical parts of your pond.

Consider Underwater Lighting

As most of us work the usual 9 – 5 work week, and don’t get home until 6pm (or later) Think how nice it is to be able to extend your relaxing time with a glass of wine after diner pond side, looking into your pond and watching your fish glide through the water after the sun has set. With underwater LED lights, this all becomes possible, extending your relaxing time into the night.

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