How to Attract Birds to Your Pond

How to Attract Birds to Your Pond

A pond is not only a great aesthetic to your yard; it can often be a great way to attract beautiful wildlife such as birds. With the right setting and the right idea in mind, you can craft your pond to be one that is bird approved. If you are looking to build a pond that will attract a variety of birds, here’s what you’ll need to know. 

Let Them Bathe

If you are looking to attract beautiful birds to your pond, you’ll have to be sure there is a perfect spot for them to bathe. Small birds will do best in shallow water that has easy drinking access. The best bet is to keep the water about 2 feet deep. To help make your pond welcoming to birds, you can even create its little bathing area, near the edge of the pool with rocks.

Keep Their Feeding Separate

You might want to keep birds near your pond, but you don’t want to attract them with food. Bird feeders should be kept a reasonable distance away from your pond. This will prevent excess food from falling into the water. Bird food in your water can lead to the need for extra cleanings. For less unneeded maintenance, keep your fish feeding and bathing to separate areas of the yard.

Water Helps

A pond just isn’t enough; sometimes you have to add some attractive features to entice birds towards it. One aesthetically pleasing way to attracts birds is by adding a water feature. This will attract birds from all around. Whether it’s a gentle waterfall or a beautiful stream, the moving water and sound will attract them straight to your pond. You don’t need a pond to add a bird-friendly water feature either; a pondless waterfall can also be a great bird attraction with a bit less of the maintenance.

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