Why You Need a Professional to Install Your Pond

Why You Need a Professional to Install Your Pond

We know DIY crafts might be all the crazy lately, that doesn’t mean every home project is an easy task. A pond is an investment in your yard, and if done the right, one that can increase your home’s value, be relaxing and enjoying, if done the wrong way it can be aggravating and just plain frustrating. If you are in the market to add a pond in your yard, here’s why a pond expert is best:

Low Maintenance and Problem Free

When you choose a dedicated professional, someone who builds, repairs and maintains ponds EVERYDAY, not just on occasion,  you can ensure they know exactly what they are doing. We know what equipment works and what equipment doesn’t work. We know why things work and why they don’t work and can explain them to you so you can make an educated decision. We will look at your property, listen to you the homeowner and as a team we can suggest the proper locations and ideas for your future water feature.

One and Done

Like anything in life, when something (anything) is done right, building houses, fixing cars, anything! When it’s done right, it makes life good, no added stress or aggravation. Our ponds are low maintenance, (3) minutes per week is what we ask you to do, that’s it! No more! We are a professional pond and waterfall team.

Constant Resource for Help

Our job isn’t done once the pond is installed, we are always available to answer any questions may have. We do spring clean-outs, winter preps and help answer any questions you may have about your fish. So when you are about to install your new backyard water feature, don’t forget to call the experts.

Paradise Ponds by Ed Dedicke proudly services all areas from Bayside to Ronkonkoma and everywhere in between. Contact us to get started with your next project, or give us a call at 516-334-1122.

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