Pond Care 101

Pond Care 101

We here at Paradise Ponds have prepared this handy pond care guide to follow so you can start enjoying your pond or waterfall just in time for those end of summer barbecues.

Carefully Drain The Water in Your Pond

First things first: you’ll need to drain the water from your pond. If your water is really bad only use about 30-40 percent. Our pond water is clean and we hold onto almost all of it. The water is aged which makes it very valuable. There are a few options when it comes to doing this. Decide if you’ll be reusing or replacing the water. Next, grab your clean-out pump and place it in the deepest area of your pond.

  • If you’ll be reusing your pond’s water: You’ll need a large container to pump the water into.
  • If you’ll be replacing your pond’s water: Make sure to frequently reposition the end of your pump where the water is exiting. This will help avoid flooding your yard.

If you have fish, they’ll need to be kept in a holding pool until the pond is refilled. If possible, cover the pool to give it shade and prevent the fish from jumping out. Depending on the time required for draining and the number of fish, if temperatures are high we recommend aerating the holding pool.

Pro Tip: If you are not reusing your old pond water, it is important to make sure your new water is properly conditioned for your fish.

Remove Leaves and Debris

Now that your pond is empty, it’s time to get your hands dirty and remove any debris that has found its way to the bottom of your pond over time. If there is any excess debris left in your pond upon refill, it will decompose and fuel algae bloom through the summer.

Hose Down Your Pond’s Walls

Once you’ve cleared out any debris in your pond, it’s time to focus on removing sludge build up. Power wash your filter pads, pond walls, and pond floor — and be careful not to blow pinholes in your liner.

Inspect the Liner

Up next, it’s time to carefully inspect your pond liner. Small tears can cause your pond to lose LARGE amounts of water very quickly. Should you find any tears or holes in your ponds liner, it’s best to replace it before moving further with pond set up. You guessed it — Paradise Ponds by Ed Dedicke can replace pond liners in a jiff!

Replace Old or Damaged Hardware

Before refilling your pond, be sure you’ve replaced any old or damaged hardware.

It’s Time to Refill

Once you’re ready, it’s time to add water back into your pond.

  • If you’re reusing your pond’s water: Simply return it to the pond.


  • If you’re replacing your pond’s water: Refill it with your garden hose and add dechlorinators.


Return Fish and Plants

If you’ve added new water to your pond, be sure to acclimate your fish before returning them to the pond. Put your fish in a container and float them in your pond for about a half hour. During this time you should slowly add small amounts of the new pond water to the container so your fish adapt.

If this seems like a daunting task, trust your summer pond maintenance to the professionals at Paradise Ponds by Ed Dedicke. We proudly service areas from Bayside to Ronkonkoma and everywhere in between. Contact us at 516-334-1122.

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