Pond Myths You Need to Ignore

Pond Myths You Need to Ignore

If you’re holding back from adding a pond to your yard because you believe it will cost you more money, time and effort than you think it’s worth — you are probably believing some common myths. So if you are questioning owning a pond, here are the myths you need to ignore.

Ponds Are Dirty

Ponds can get dirty, but only if neglected. The key to keeping your pond clean is proper installation and the proper filtration system. A pond that has too many fish for its size, or a pond where the fish are overfed can lean towards the dirtier side, but with the correct care, they can quickly go from dirty to clean. It’s vital that you know exactly how many fish your pond can handle, and how to care for them.

You Can Never Put a Pond Near Any Trees

Ideally, the perfect pond location gets half a day of sun and half a day of shade.  But we do install ponds in full shade, below trees and also in full sun.  The difference is the aquatic plants that we would install in the pond and whether or not a fall leaf net for over the pond is necessary.  

Ponds Are Tons of Work

If done the right way, your pond should never take you more than 3 minutes a week to maintain, anything more than that and either you enjoy working on your pond or doing something wrong. Regular maintenance includes cleaning your skimmer net weekly, and every other week hosing off your skimmer filter pad and adding your Aqua 1 bacteria. A good cleaning is only needed once a year, preferably in the spring by a professional. THAT’S IT!

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