Prepping Your Pond For Fall

Prepping Your Pond For Fall

The leaves have started to change, and the autumn weather is upon us. As we go from summer to fall you will want to get your yard, home, and pond ready. So if this is your first fall with a pond — here’s how to get ready for the season ahead! 

Create a List

To ensure you’re not missing a step in your fall plant prep,now is the time to list out what you’ll have to do when the weather dips. Consider when to change up your fishes’ feeding patterns, how you are going to tackle leaves, and when to trim and take care of your surrounding plants.

Take Care of The Plants

Plants and bushes are a great way to create shade and are a beautiful addition to your pond — but they can also cause more work in the winter. Knowing how to prepare for this now will save your trouble and issues further down the line. 

Consider Keeping Out The Leaves

Since fall leaves on Long Island are pretty hard to avoid, you’ll want to have a game plan ahead of time. Do you want to add a pond net to catch them all? Are you going to do daily upkeep to ensure that the leaves don’t add up? If pond leaves are ignored, they can cause issues with your pond water, harm your fish, and more! 

Call a Professional

If your fall upkeep seems like something too time-consuming don’t worry — that is what we are here for! We can help set up your pond for fall and winter success, check your water, install a pond net, and more. Having a pond professional is the best way to care for your pond and your fish and will be a big money saver in the long run.

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