Schedule Your Spring Clean Out With Paradise Ponds

Schedule Your Spring Clean Out With Paradise Ponds

Spring is in full swing here on Long Island, and just like your house, your pond needs a good spring cleaning. Stop putting it off and call the experts at Paradise Ponds by Ed Dedicke today!

Why Ponds by Ed?

We don’t install ponds. We install peace and tranquility into your life. We have taken the time to perfect our art over the past 14 years, and our natural ponds look as if they were crafted by Mother Nature herself. We aren’t landscapers looking to fill extra time; our business is building your pond to perfection. As a Certified Aquascape Contractor, we are trained to not only install beautiful low-maintenance water features, but also to provide outstanding customer service.

About Our Spring Cleaning Service

Stop putting off your pond spring cleaning and give our experts a call. When you schedule a pond clean out with Paradise Ponds by Ed Dedicke, this is when you can expect:

  • Pond will be completely drained, and the water will be held in our storage tanks. We will also transfer fish during this time, and give them a quick health inspection during the process.
  • Large debris will be removed by hand, and the base of the pond will be power washed to ensure a thorough cleaning. Filter pads are inspected, and either washed or replaced if necessary.
  • Underwater light bulbs will be replaced, and guaranteed to last until at least December 1st. If a bulb fails before then, we will send over a pond technician to climb into your pond and change the bulb free of charge.
  • Rocks and gravel will be replaced and rinsed one final time before returning your water and fish to the pond. Finally, we will top the pond off with tap water (if needed), declorinator, pond salt, and a liquid bacteria application.

Summer is almost here, make sure your pond is ready! If you live in Babylon, Bethpage, Hicksville, Westbury, or the surrounding Nassau County area, call Paradise Ponds to schedule your spring cleaning at (516) 334-1122.

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