The Pond Owner’s Checklist

The Pond Owner’s Checklist

Pond season is here! If you’re an experienced pond owner, you’ve probably already had your spring pond cleaning done, but that doesn’t mean you should stop there! Keeping up with the below task can keep a healthy and beautiful pond all season long.

Begin Feeding Fish

Once the temperature hits about 50-52 degrees, it’s time to start feeding your pond fish again. If you are considering getting fish for your pond, it might help to know that they are an essential part of your ponds ecosystem. By eating algae, they are a big help in keeping your pond clean.

But Don’t Overfeed Them

Only feed your fish what they can eat in 3 minutes. When string algae appear on your pond rocks or walls, it’s mostly because your fish are no longer eating the algae and are probably being overfed. Stop feeding them until the algae is gone.

Daily, Weekly and Monthy Tips

There is no need to feed your fish daily, in fact, one every other day will do. Once a week you’ll also want to check and clean your skimmer net for debris. Twice a month, you’ll want to add aqua 1 and liquid bacteria twice a month. To polish your water, fight algae, and keep your fish healthy, add calcium montmorillonite clay.

Begin Planting

Don’t forget about the outside of your pond, too. Now is the perfect time to consider pond plants. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they let your fish seek shade and comfort and can naturally purify your water, too!

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