Tips For Decorating a Small Pond

Tips For Decorating a Small Pond

When it comes to your pond, decorating the area is critical. A pond is a great way to class up your yard, but it also requires a bit of decor. A pond needs brickwork, plants, water features and more. To decorate your pond to increase your yards wow factor, here’s what you’ll need to consider:

Don’t Over Stuff

When it comes to decorating the area around your pond, you don’t want to go overboard. You want to pick a theme and follow it. Too many ideas, plants, stones, and sitting areas can look like a jumbled mess. Think clearly about what exactly you want your pond to look like, and work to create it.

Decorate the Area

Don’t forget that surrounding area too. A proper walkway, or stone surrounding your pond can enhance the beauty. Looking to seclude the areas; you can add individual shrubs or trees to close off the area from the rest of your yard. A waterfall leading in the pond is also another great option to keep water flowing too.

Think of Your Fish

No matter how you decided to decorate, don’t forget to think about the fish that live inside. You want to ensure that the plants and lights you are installing won’t put them in harm’s way. Make sure there is enough room for them to live freely, and that nothing will hurt the water quality.

Consider Maintenance

You want to keep your pond maintenance low, so pick accessories and decorations that are too.  Also, how large will the shrub grow that you may be considering planting next to your pond? When it comes time to decide, just be sure to do your research.

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