Tips for Giving Your Pond a Natural Look

Tips for Giving Your Pond a Natural Look

Sure, those crazy unique ponds are cool to look at, but when it comes to your own, you want it to look as natural as possible. Here at Paradise Ponds by Ed Dedicke, we create ponds with streams of cascading water over rocks, as well as natural waterfalls that look as if Mother Nature herself created them.

Here are few elements to keep in mind when planning your backyard remodel.

Place your pond and waterfall close by so it can be seen and heard when looking out of the window. Peaceful sounds emitted from your waterfall will provide a relaxing atmosphere inside your home and out.  To keep your pond cleaner longer, avoid placing it near trees that shed leaves. Trees end up providing too much shade and stunt the growth of aquatic plants. In addition, pond debris — like dead leaves can promote algae bloom. The ideal natural pond needs to receive a few hours of sunlight each day.

Use a Modern Liner

Invest in a modern fish safe pond liner, preferably a 45 mil EPDM liner,  when installing your pond. They can be shaped and molded to the unique shape of the land.

Add a Pump

Gentle water movement in your pond not only gives it a natural aesthetic but improves circulation and aeration which helps sustain a healthy pond ecosystem.

Clean your Pond Regularly

It’s important to regularly remove any fallen debris from your backyard pond. In addition, once a week check and clean your skimmer net and pad.

Are you ready to install a backyard pond of your own? Our professionally-installed ponds and water gardens only require three minutes of maintenance per week. Paradise Ponds by Ed Dedicke proudly services all areas from Bayside to Ronkonkoma and everywhere in between. Contact us to get started with your next project, or give us a call at 516-334-1122.

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