5 Tips To Keep Your Pond Water Clean

5 Tips To Keep Your Pond Water Clean

If you are a pond owner, you know how vital the perfect balance of pond water is. Though it might be something you’re aware of, it’s not always something that is easy to master. If you are looking to keep clear pond water all year round, here are five tips you’ll want to follow.

Know Your Pump

An ideal pump will circulate the pond water, entirely once every hour. When purchasing a pump, check with a professional to find the perfect fit for you. Always make sure that your pump is free of debris.

Catch Debris Early

We recommend a good cleaning after winter and before the new summer pond season begins. This is the best way to ensure clean water conditions. If you leave fish waste, debris (twigs and leaves) and leftover fish food sit for too long, they begin to decay and increase ammonia levels. The more debris left in your pond the more it will throw off the balance of your ponds water.

Balance Your Plants

Plants have many excellent benefits to your pond water and can help keep your water clean! Too many plants — and you can be taking oxygen away from your water and fish. A good rule of thumb is to cover only 40 to 60 percent of your pond water with plants.

Don’t Over Populate

A crowded pound of fish can be a big headache. The more fish, the more waste they will produce making the pond water hard to balance. You should have less than 10” of fish to every 100 gallons of water for your pond to be in perfect harmony.

Don’t Over-Feed

You probably already know that feeding your fish can be deadly to their health, but did you know it can be harmful to your pond water too? All that uneaten food will be left behind and will begin to break down and add unwanted proteins and nutrients to your ponds water and feed the aleea. So be not to overfeed your fish

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