New Pond No Nos

New Pond No Nos

More and more people these days are going the way of installing a new pond in their yard. This sounds like a simple and easy thing to do, but in reality, there are some things that you should avoid. Mistakes are easily made when it comes to installing a new pond and the more of these mistakes that you avoid, then the better your success will be with your pond and fish. Even one mistake can make a massive impact on the level of success that you will have especially if you are going to have Koi in your pond.

Right Sized Filter

The size of the filter that you use with your pond will make all the difference in the world. Too little of a filter and you can easily find yourself in a situation where you will be working all the time just to keep the pond clean. If you are going to have a large pond, then you will want to make sure that the size filter will match the amount of water it will have to filter.

To Gravel or Not to Gravel, That’s the Question

Depending on the type of pond system that you will be designing, depends on your intended goals. If you are looking to do very little work and do more enjoying and relaxing of your pond, then I would suggest a gravel bottom pond. This will be part of an ecosystem or natural environment for you and your fish friends. The gravel is also where we plant the aquatic plants, right in the gravel (not in pots). If you are looking to raise Koi, with the idea you need to have them triple in size (for resale) to double your money, then you are most likely looking for a bottom drain pond.

The Right Price

Make sure that you consider your filtration needs first before you begin the process of digging. You will have a budget that is set and if you spend it all on filtration, then how do you expect to buy the Koi? Bigger can be better but it is not the best option in terms of fitting in your wallet. 

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