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Nets Keep Your Pond Clean


For those of you with heavy leaf fall, a great way to keep leaves out is by netting your pond for the few weeks the leaves are falling.


We can install nylon netting with a PVC frame over your pond to keep most of the leaves out.


Netting for ponds up to 11' x 16' = $310

Larger ponds 16' x 26' = $495

Larger ponds please call for pricing


Need a heater or aerator?

Let us know and we will make sure

it’s on the truck for you!

Call us by Wed, Sept. 28 and save $30

Pond Prep Work


Call us to get your pond ready for the big chill.  Our crews will clean off the skimmer and biofalls filter pads, prune back all your aquatic plants (including trimming down water lily’s and remove water hyacinths), remove leaves from the pond and waterfall, remove the dirty water from the skimmer and biofalls  filter and complete a 10% water change, and if you use one, remove your UV light.


Winterization for ponds up to 11’ x 16’ = $225

Larger Ponds up to  25’ x 25’ = $315


Winter is coming - Get your pond ready