What We Do

We Install Peace & Tranquility Into Your Life. At Paradise Ponds, we are experts at what we do, because installing ponds and waterfalls is all we do. We are not landscapers looking to fill extra time; our business is building your pond to perfection. We believe that your pond should be as natural as possible. Our ponds with streams of cascading water over rocks, create natural waterfalls that look as if Mother Nature herself created them.

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Fall/Winter Prep Work

October is the month to get your pond ready for the big chill. We recommend a quick pond cleaning and installing a heater or aerator. For those of you with heavy leaf fall, a great way to keep leaves out of the pond is by netting the pond before autumn begins. Space is limited as we can only do so many winter preps before the leaves start to fall and the ponds freeze over.

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